Active Release? What does it do?

Muscle pain is something that everyone suffers from at some point during there life.  All these aches and pains can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. An effective method of treatment many chiropractors and physiotherapists in Calgary use is called Active Release Technique.

Active Release Technique is a form of soft tissue therapy in which you manually apply tension and pressure into a muscle very similar to massage and then move the body part through a motion to get the muscle into a stretched position.

When an individual has muscle pain, what is happening is scar tissue and fibrosis due to trauma to the tissue. Trauma can be as little as holding a posture to long, slouching, or falling from a ladder. The fibrosis in the tissue prevents blood flow and thus proper oxygen supply to the tissue. As a result of this, the muscle is getting starved from nutrients and you get pain.

Active release works by breaking up this scar tissue and fibrosis and restores proper blood flow/oxygen to the tissue. When this occurs the pain dissipates and the normal biomechanics of the muscle and joint return to normal.

You can expect it to take a few treatments to get the full effect of the treatment. You will notice some relief in as little as one treatment.

Calgary Web Designing – What’s Hot!

2014 is in it’s last leg of the lap and we’ve decided to capture the top trends in the web design field which caught major eye balls of the internet and website users.

1)Expanding search bars
2)Wacky website content
3)Focus on self portraits in imagery
4)customised photo galleries
6)mega-sized menu grids
7)simplistic color schemes
8) ux – light in content – heavy in engagement
9)interactive maps and emphasis on geo-location details
10)data collection – user sign-ups is a must have!

Remember, the digital world is highly dynamic in nature and you surely dont want to be left behind. If you want your website to follow the latest trends in web-consumer market, do get in touch with your favourite Calgary Web Designer.